Specialty Items


We make small batch truffles in our open kitchen 5 days a week. All recipes developed in house taking 'traditional' flavors and adding our own new twist. We have some house standards which we try to have on hand whenever possible. But we also try new flavors changing our offerings weekly. Special requests are always welcome.


This fudgesicle is out of this world with dense dark chocolate and creamy richness. Specially developed in house over 3 months of testing to reach the perfect balance of chocolate and creamy 'wow'.

Crispy Gooey Squares

We make our own marshmallow from scratch for our take on the classic Rice Krispies Treat. Each batch we make a variety of chocolate, plain, and caramel squares.


Lemon Tart

This is the best all around lemon tart. Made with real lemons, it creates a very lemony curd layered onto our hand made crust. A delightful balance of buttery and lemony flavors.

Cinnamon Roll

We make these from scratch, not too sweet, just the right balance of cinnamon and brown sugar. We offer a simple butter icing to drizzle on top for those who like the extra sweetness.Offered in singles or pans to take home to the family. Might need to call ahead to order as these go fast!


This delicate pastry ( a Wisconsin favorite) is filled with fruit and/or nuts creating a lovely breakfast treat to add to your meal. Or, it is great in the afternoon with your coffee. It is good eaten at room temperature or heated. Our butter icing drizzle is optional.

Lemon Loaf

Our lemon loaf is a delicious mix of tart and sweet with a crisp crust and soft interior.


These brownies are simply rich chocolaty goodness.


We bake a variety of cookies including; chocolate chip, chocolate chip w/ peanuts, double dark chocolate.


Ganache Cake

This cake is so dense and rich you will want to share. It is too satisfying to eat in one sitting. Made with chocolate cake crumbled into our very own dark ganache, smothered with the very same rich ganache. This makes for a very fudgie dense chocolate dessert, a chocolate lovers dream.

5 Layer Cake

Made with 5 layers of chocolate cake, 2 layers of chocolate mousse, and 2 layers of whip cream, this ganache frosted cake is a flavor sensation. Order a one of a kind cake personalized just for you, or just come on in and grab a slice.

Coffee Cake

A new treat developed in our kitchen which has quickly become a favorite among our pastry connoisseurs. It has a sweet balance of cake and crumble, great with coffee or tea.

Specialty Cakes

We offer chocolate cakes and vanilla cakes either topped with our chocolate ganache or whipped cream and fruit. We do not do traditional decorations on our cakes but have been know to decorate with butter cream frosting flowers or write a message. We focus more on the flavors and richness of our cakes. We aim to provide lasting memories for your taste buds!


We make chocolate cupcakes layered with whipped cream or chocolate mousse, then each is covered in our chocolate ganache. These cupcakes are hard to keep in the case. Delicate cake layered with dense chocolate or creamy whipped cream make a wonderful treat.


Hot Cocoa

We have developed our own recipe of intense, rich chocolate reminiscent of old world European flavors topped with fresh whipped cream. Very dark and thick topped with real whipped cream.

Iced Drinks

Cool down with something delicious like our iced coffee beverages.

Espresso Drinks

There’s definitely an art to preparing the perfect espresso drink...come by and enjoy our concept.

Italian Sodas

We serve Italian Sodas with or without cream in raspberry, strawberry, cherry, and orange flavors.

Tea for 2

Order a pot of your favorite tea and 4 truffles to share


As far as we know, originally credits for this delight go to Nancy Silverton of La Brea fame. Is it bread or is it pastry? In the end, it doesn’t matter. It’ll do for dessert, and yet it is still bread.


Pick one out, and bite down into its luscious softness. Filled with a yummy blend of vanilla, butter, and cream, these candies have a habit of sneaking into your consciousness at odd hours.


You'll love what we offer

Guitar Cake

Order one of a kind cakes personalized just for you.

Birthday Cake

Make a party with the perfect cake. Let Rose Chocolatier create a custom cake just for you. Choose from a wide variety of designs and styles to compliment your celebration.


A delicious chocolatey treat to enjoy anytime of the year


When you want a baked treat for brunch or afternoon tea, our scones fit the bill. Find our favorite sweet and savory scone fresh baked ready for your enjoyment.