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Chocolatier Story

Rose Chocolatier is changing owners. Lemonade Living is taking over and will be expanding hirings, offerings, hours and much more. April Gonzales is staying on as Kitchen Production Manager & Pastry Chef.  James Beavers is staying on as the current dishwasher, but he will be promoted to a new position as things unfold. But, basically, the quality and favorite goodies will still be on the menu! Visit the shop to learn more and meet the new owners. Joy in Chocolate!

Rose started making chocolates professionally in January 2010. In those early days she would host tasting parties, inviting neighbors and friends to critique her creations. It was a valuable part of the process to discern what people liked and how they reacted to each chocolate. From there she developed some classics still offered today.

Rose’s first space was in a professional kitchen, which was rented from a local caterer. There was no store front so Rose sold either at the local food co-op or by setting up 1-2 day pop-ups, selling candies in business store fronts that were willing to let her sell there for a day or two.

Her first retail store opened in July 2014. Rose started with just selling chocolate candies, cocoa & mousse. But with demands from customers for pastries she partnered with Mary Jo Waltman, to offer fine pastries. They then expanded their offerings to include pastries and cakes.

They quickly out grew that space and moved to their current location. Now they offer espresso drinks along with their high quality chocolates and pastries.  The open kitchen allows the customer to view the production in action.

Note from Rose: “We strive for excellence and quality in all our menu offerings. We hope you come in and enjoy the best in chocolate, pastries and coffees. Joy in Chocolate!!”

Marguerite Rose McClay, Chocolatier

I hope you enjoy what you taste from the selections and stay in touch as flavors change from month to month.